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The Amazing Race Asia

Ready, set, go!

All About The Amazing Race Asia
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The Amazing Race Asia 24/7
This is a community dedicated to giving The Amazing Race Asia some love right here on LJ-land. All we ask is everyone have a good time, and considering the differing timezones, to please honour the spoiler-rule, i.e. LJ-CUT, LJ-CUT, LJ-CUT!

Background info on the show:
The Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazing_Race_Asia
The Official website: http://amazing-race-asia.axn-asia.com/

Basic guidelines:
1. No off-topic postings please. All posts should pertain only to The Amazing Race Asia. Mods will allow some digression into the original American version, but please, there are already plenty of TAR comms out there. Seriously.

2. Please put all spoilers behind an lj-cut.
As TAR-A airs across Asia on Thursday evenings, fresh episodes are considered as spoiler-worthy until the next episode is aired the following Thursday. Or until one week has lapsed, whichever comes first. In short, after 7 days, that episode is no longer considered spoiler-worthy.

Spoilers include discussions and/or polls about team placements/rankings per leg, team performance, anything that occurred during the episodes, icons and banners using images from new episodes, references to the first or last team outside of an LJ-cut, quotes from the episode (except for those used as episode titles).

3. Please put any lengthy discussions behind the LJ-cut as well, for the ease of everyone checking in through their friends-list.

4. Mods reserve the right to edit posts (especially the tagging and spoilers). If necessary, deletion may occur.

5. Please realise that differences of opinion is not a call for war. Be civil and understand that to some people, 'your favourite racers suck', and vice versa.

6. That said, have fun!