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Racers Revealed: Who's Your Pick? [Nov. 6th, 2007|08:19 pm]
All About The Amazing Race Asia


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(the bulk of this post was previously posted in my personal LJ)

So last week was the pre-show, showcasing this season's racers. (This here be the official page on the teams) Reputedly, it's the first of its kind in TAR history, and I've not yet decided if this a good or a bad thing. Still, having an entire hour dedicated to introducing the racers does give more depth to them beyond the usual soundbites that would be allotted to them once the Race begins.

Overall: Less full-on Westerners than last year's but otoh a majority of the Asian racers are mixed to begin with, or are married to Westerners. It's basically Expat Hour lah, even if it's honorary. :P Or am I the only who noticed this??

No teams from India this year, but this year's Team Jock is taken up by the guys from the Philippines, who I'd like to see fall facefirst into gravel, kthxbye. It's possible they're even more aggravating than last year's Team Jock. But in any case, the other Filipino team is actually one of my faves (the other being the Singapore team with the hearing-impaired member. They're so OTP in that slashy kind of way, especially when they're retelling their meet-cute at the gym, I'm serious, swear to God), so I hope they won't suffer the same fate as Gina and Ernie! Malaysia has two girl teams, both quite strong, but no real impression on me yet. (C'mon Malaysian boys, where you all are at??)

Hong Kong has two teams this year, and the one who thinks they're better than Rob and Amber just got me rolling my eyes so very hard -- until the Race starts, all the response they deserve is 'WHATEVER'. The other Hong Kong team are models, and one of them is French. And seriously, in that short time of introduction, one of the most entertaining of the lot. I LIKE SEEING FRENCH PEOPLE GET ANGRY, OKAY? :D I mean, with her accent, and her attitude and her recounting of how she deals with HK cabbies, hahahahaha.

The Thai girls are again, like most of the racers here, mixed Thai girls who are also models and VJs or whatever. That said, they're not striking me as Team Bimbo. For some reason I'm captivated by their Australian accents (one is more Australian, the other one has a Thai-Australian accent, it sounded like). Back to the Singaporean team that I do like, their supposed advantage is that they don't have to shout because they can sign over great distance. Sure, but how is the other fellow going to catch the other fellow's attention?? (oh oh, I must recount their meet-cute: So basically the hearing impaired one and the other one are gym bunnies, and one day, the abled guy signed to him, and the hearing impaired was all, "WAAH, how do you know how to speak my language??" and it turned out the other guy has been volunteering in the scene for about 10 years. And ♥ ♥♥♥)

Oh, this year Japan has a team too! They're siblings, and very... Japanese. Put it this way, during the profile page section right, under the header 'Dislikes', other racers had answers ranging from 'rats, cockroaches' to 'natural disasters', right? So, for the Japanese girl, what's her dislike? 'Disapproval'. *DIES LIKE A MILLION TIMES*

(I'm going to guess they're launching from Singapore this year because it looked like Allan was doing his thing at the Clarke Quay. Could be wrong...)

I can't wait! OTOH, apparently there will be 'more drama' this year, which doesn't exactly fill me with confidence. And heh, they were showing all these audition videos of ppl who didn't make the cut. Very funny, very inventive, but man, how embarrassing. ^^;

[User Picture]From: juhjuh
2007-11-06 02:13 pm (UTC)
I forgot to watch it :/
Mang I gotta catch the repeats.
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[User Picture]From: serabut
2007-11-07 03:22 am (UTC)
Man, I have no idea when are the repeats, or I'd help you out!
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