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*assumes the position* [Nov. 6th, 2007|03:05 pm]
All About The Amazing Race Asia



Hi, and welcome to tar_asia, where we're all about The Amazing Race Asia. I'm serabut, your friendly community co-mod, and I'm pretty excited that the second season is starting soon!

Anyway, postings are members-only and unmoderated, so just mind the guidelines, and we'll be fine.

I'm not much of an icon-maker, but I hope there are those out there who are interested in making some for the show. I hope to do regular recaps, but we'll see. I'll welcome anyone who's interested in doing the same for Season 1. Warning: I'm pretty irreverent, so please don't be too quick in taking offence. Ta! And don't forget to spread the word, I know there're more fans of TAR-A out here in LJ!