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Episode 2: "What's a carabou?" "I don't know, do you know?" - The Amazing Race Asia [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Episode 2: "What's a carabou?" "I don't know, do you know?" [Nov. 30th, 2007|08:47 am]
All About The Amazing Race Asia


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I have to say I'm enjoying the TAR Asia action more than TAR Original Recipe, if only because (almost) every single team is alpha to the point that I know that if I were there in that race with them, I'd be screwed something fierce. Aggressive racers =/= drama queens, thank you.

I'm really surprised that the stress level was so high in this ep, because it's only the second leg of the race.

Just posting some thoughts, of the top of my head.

The entire leg took place in Manila, which means, of course, that Team Jock and Terri & Henry were happy and high and repeatedly told people how happy high and high they were.

Roadblock: Plough the field. LOL to Aurelia for complaining about it in her pfft-I'm-French way but going through it (and walking through caribou poo!) without making a scene or kicking up a fuss. (Sophie looks like she's carrying all the stress of her team, bwa.) To be fair, that task looks really difficult and dirty, so props to almost all teams for being able to laugh about their mess-ups afterward.

In-between task: Deliver boxes of goodies to an orphanage. I laughed. I'm a bad person, I laughed at the camera-happy kids, but I laughed even harder at the orphanage lady's face that seemed to progressively get =_= as time went by.

Detour: Heels or Wheels. (Sort 200 shoes into pairs, or assemble a bike.) Both looked like they take about the same amount of time, so there wasn't much of a chance for overtaking, and no one really screwed up except for Edwin & Monica, but they were last place anyway and riding on inevitable failure. That's not a fun position to be in, and it doesn't really help when they took out their frustrations on each other. Team Malaysian Moms did surprisingly well in this one, looks like they're better contenders that most of the Mom teams on TAR Original Recipe.

Other random thoughts:

Team Jock (Marc & Revilson) - I can't quite decide if they're adorable hams or attention whores. It's mostly the editing that's making them look like they're really hamming it up for the camera constantly, but it does get tiresome to see their (admittedly good-looking) mugs, when other teams, notably Team Body Language and Team Indonesian Couple don't get as much airtime. :(

Team Malaysian Girls (Pamela & Vanessa) - Wow, they need to stop panicking. They were way ahead during the Roadblock but tripped like novices when it came to reading the clue instructing them to go back to Manila before they should start looking for the next cluebox. Not a good sign, especially since the clues haven't become devious* yet, and by the time they got to the Heels or Wheels they'd bunched up with the Malaysian Moms and Thailand Girls. When three teams starting rushing for the pit stop, I swear they disappeared off the tv (wonky editing?), only to suddenly reappear at the back of the group in fourth.

*Ah, I have sweet sweet memories of Season 1's "Who's the brains in the team?" Roadblock. Only one team guessed correctly that it meant that that team member would have to eat brains. ♥

Team Thailand Girls (Pam & Natasha) - Okay, these two are hams, but they do it for a living, so that's okay... I SUPPOSE.

Team Japanese Siblings (Sawaka & Daichi) - No no no, don't argue! There there, all betters. It's hilarious that even though in the post-race interview they reported that they'd argued in the taxi, apparently it was so low-key Japanese-style arguing that the cameramen/editors couldn't find any drama to air. BWA BWA BWA.

Also, poor TAR Asia editors, they tried to create some tension by making it look like Henry & Terri were close to Edwin & Monica, but who are you trying to kid?

Bye, Edwin & Monica! Hope you worked out your issues in your complimentary holiday while waiting for the rest of the teams to reach the finishing line!

Overall, the top teams seemed to overlap quite a bit, while the slower teams lagged all the way through. To have so many aggressive teams together makes it difficult to find ways to overtake others, especially since there was no long distance travelling in the next ep.

[User Picture]From: serabut
2007-11-30 05:59 am (UTC)
(psst, it's Aurelia, and it's carabao (aka, kerbau), not caribou.)

Oh man, I'm reluctantly amused that Pam & Van flailed so hard and so close to self-implosion. And only in the second leg! I so don't miss Mon & Ed at all... dudes, you've been together for 10 years and still like this?? Also, Edwin is a jerk. That's not how you treat your woman.

I like Aurelia but man, the more the race goes on, the more obvious it'll be how bad a match she and Sophie is...
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